Thursday, February 19, 2015

PowerShell one-liner: Add a computer to a domain or workgroup

Today I ran into an issue where I needed to remove some servers from the domain, perform some tasks and add them again. Adding a server to the domain is very common, use the Add-Computer cmdlet like this:

Add-Computer -DomainName MyDomain.tld

Or even this to change the computer name in the process:

Add-Computer -DomainName MyDomain.tld -NewName server34

To remove a computer from the domain and add it to a workgroup we can use the Remove-Computer cmdlet:

Remove-Computer -Workgroup temp

Or maybe:

Remove-Computer -Workgroup temp -Force -Restart

Makes sense, doesn't it? Don't forget to use an elevated prompt (Run as Administrator) or all you will see is an Access Denied error.

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