Friday, February 23, 2018

Disable voicemail on a Skype meeting room accounts

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If you ever had to create user accounts for modern meeting room devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Hub or 3rd party devices such as the Polycom Trio 8800 you may have noticed that process is basically the same. Create a Room Mailbox with an enabled account and a password, then enable the account for Skype for Business with the Enable-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet.

Recently a coworker transferred a Skype call to a meeting room and when the person in the room wasn’t quick enough to respond, the call ended up in the conference room voicemail box. Understandably she requested us to disable voicemail on this account.

After investigation we found that Azure Voicemail was enabled when we added licenses for Office 365 Phone System and Calling Plan. Disabling voicemail is easy. Either sign-in with the username and password of the meeting room and visit the web based advanced settings: Then clear the checkbox for Activate Voicemail.


Alternatively an admin can disable the voicemail feature in Skype for Business Online PowerShell:

Set-CsMeetingRoom <SIP address> -HostedVoiceMail:$false


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