Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MySQL Workbench and ClearDB: "SSL Connection error: unable to get private key file"

When trying to access your ClearDB hosted databases with MySQL Workbench you may run into this error message:


SSL Connection error: Unable to get private key

In the MySQL Workbench connection settings on the SSL tab we need to select three certificate files, the CA certificate, the client certificate and the client key file.


These files can be obtained from the ClearDB database dashboard:


The issue is being caused by the client private key file, the one with 'key' in the name. In order to allow Workbench to connect to the database the password needs to be stripped from this file first. One way to do this is to use OpenSSL:

openssl rsa -in c092bb5f82771e-key.pem -out c092bb5f82771e-key.pem-nopassw.pem

Now use the new file in the Workbench connection settings and try again, Workbench should now be able to connect to your database.


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Thanks, this was EXACTLY what I was looking for.